Sunday, 4 September 2011

New Writer for the blogs!

So I’m sitting at home at the computer when I get a call from Samuel2706, he’s got some crazy shiznit project underway and he needs someone to write for his website. Funnily enough, I just happen to have a pair of hands and a lot of spare time on them, so I figure, “Sure thing, bro.” And now we’re here. Samuel said it would be a decent idea to introduce myself and register on the XDA website, as I understand that’s where a lot of his information and user base comes from.
So now for the boring stuff, a little bit about me. (If you’re just here for the news, you should skip this paragraph.) My name is, as you may have guessed. Jack. Or as I’m known in various circles of the interwebz, ‘MisterJack’. I’ve been friends with Samuel2706 for a long time, but I never paid much attention to his tech developing stuff until recently. This is mainly because unlike most of you, I’m quite technologically retarded. What I lack in Tech know-how, however, I make up for in writing skills. So for me, this is a learning curve. An opportunity to not be so utterly incompetent when it comes to more advanced things than ‘turning it off and on again.’ There’s not much that can be said about me, personally. So, with that done. On with some actual news updates.
HoneyTeams New ROM
I am happy to announce that HoneyTeam will begin developing their latest ROM (version 2.3.5) on Monday. As an advance on version 2.3.3 (apparently, 2.3.4 was ambushed on the way home from school and nobody ever saw it again.) 2.3.5 promises to be harder, better, faster and stronger than it’s predecessor, with some major features being:
  • A longer lasting battery life and increased wi-fi range.
  • A HUGE improvement on speed.
  • Native resolution for our phones (no resizing has been done)
  • More adept memory control and adaptive memory, keeping RAM at a certain value without closing your apps.
On top of that, (because we like to spoil you all, you lucky people) there will also be a plethora of add-ons (various App Drawers and Themes amongst them) for you to sink your fingers into. I’d have said ‘teeth’, but if you’re sinking your teeth into your phone, then you’re doing it wrong.
In other news, the naming competition is still underway, and announcements will be made on September 1st in regards to who has won the privilege of naming the new ROM.
That’s all from me Bros and Hos, I’ll be back some time in the near future with more updates from the HoneyTeam, but until then, that’s all, folks! Stay safe, stay sharp and remember when in doubt, pull out!


  1. If your making your own ROM why not call it S-ROM for SamsRom? so people know you made it?!? simple yet effective!

  2. Wow, nice to see the Romming process from up close for a time :).